The largest selection of paddleboards on long island

SUP happens... all seasons

South Shore Paddleboards is the largest SUP dealer on Long Island.

We have done the research by selecting the best boards so you can own the best.

With over 70 boards to choose from our expert staff will educate and show you the many shapes, sizes, and performance boards that will best suite your needs. We offer private demos and lessons so your purchase is perfect and you can enjoy the glide.

Creating perfect harmony with balance, control and a place called the sea.

Never think that paddleboarding is just a summer sportAnytime of the year is the right time for a paddle. Let nothing stop you. There's a wet-suit for that. 

When someone says " I can't do this" My reply is "If my 9 year old can SUP you can SUP too". Don't ever fear that you can't do anything, because everything is possible.

What can be more relaxing than sitting on a bench, soaking up the sun in a park. Finding your glide on the open waters. 

 Paddleboarding .....get an amazing workout..... while connecting yourself with the sea.                                                                                                             .........Get on board  

 SUPis a sport for the mind, body and soul.

this is my office..were i think, dream and create

anyone can S​ son is 9

YOGA so much more then​ a mat

"Its only when we are paddling on the sea.... ​
can we find our complete happiness within our soul."